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Yun Jang
Guest artist


Yun Jang is a Brooklyn based artist. He is originally from South Korea who studied Fine Art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He moved to New York City in 2011 to attend the New York Academy of Art where he completed his MFA in drawing. He was awarded a Postgraduate Fellowship at the New York Academy of Art in 2013. His work was selected for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. He has also exhibited Noyes Museum of Art, NJ; Art Basel, Switzerland; Woeske Gallery, Berlin; Art Miami, MI; Art New York, NY; Art Southampton, NY; Flowers Gallery, NY; Sugarlift, NY; Lodge Gallery, NY; First Street Gallery, NY; and Waterhouse Gallery, CA. He has been featured in The Figure: Painting Drawing and Sculpture, International Artist Magazine, International Drawing Annual vol 11, and International Painting Annual vol 6.

Art Statement
My work is about visualizing my feelings, desire and thoughts, built both internally and externally. Internally the work is made from my memory about daily base subjects, emotions and sensations. The external construction is about process of painting such as dynamics of mediums, textures, colors and compositions etc. when I am being present and merging with the process the painting becomes living being, creating it by the communion which is performed by myself as a shaman. My goal is that by the ritual (the process of painting) I can deliver a new creature to the universe

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