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Tatiana Brodatch
Guest Artist


Tatiana Brodatch was born in Moscow in 1977. In 2000 she graduated from Moscow –Institute of architecture. During the univercity years she has also lived, worked and studied in Milan. For the following 15 years she worked as an architect in Moscow and Milan.
Her artistic path started in 2013 when by chance she discovered plasticine, her distinctive material. In 2015 she did 4 shows in Milan, Kiev, Ibiza and Moscow and the same year she enrolled in the Brera Academy of Art in Milan. In 2017 she made a project as an art resident at the famous villa Santo Sospir in Cap Ferrat in France. the installation was shown at the villa at the end of the residence.
In 2018 she presented her new project - an installation “Love is a verb”. The installation consisted of a bed with 35 plasticine figures on it captured in their moment of intimacy and a video projection of an animation of the characters in motion. The project was shown in Milan and Paris and had a vast digital coverage. In 2019 in Milan together with an artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi Tatiana created an installation “Personal Belongings”. She has also participated in other collective shows in Europe.
Tatiana has collaborated with magazines, fashion brands and design companies. The most noted collaboration is with the italian company Seletti, known for the daring design of the objects they propose. Tatiana has created a series of 8 characters, single or in couples. Her small people have spread all around the world inhabiting the art lovers homes. TB and Seletti are now preparing 2 new projects that will hopefully come out very soon.
Lives in Milan, and works in her studio in the city center. she works with models, makes portraits and stop motion videos. her main material remains plasticine but she also works with argilla and bronze. She also draws. Her numerous drawings depict mostly herself in the different life situations and form a kind of personal diary. In 2019 she has shown her drawings in an exhibition in Milan.

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